Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Legacy to Live By.

I hope that as human beings we all remember where we came from, where our ancestors came from, and where our ancestors' ancestors came from...this way we can all grasp and respect the reality of what they went through and how we all stayed alive to procreate over the last thousands of years. We ate food,moved and strengthened our bodies. We hunted, gathered, planted, harvested and traveled all over this world, spreading our wisdom down to the next generations. We got here somehow, and we stayed here thorugh survival.

For a human to survive it must recieve nutritional elements and fibers, drink clean waters, and keep the body healthy and strong. In a perfect world, if all this is achieved and no diseases or ailments challenge us, we should continue on to procreate, live our lives and die of natural causes. Thousands of years ago we did not have supplements, we did not have pre- packaged foods. Nutrition was simple. Maybe not simple to get, but simple to master. Yes, we had to kill, skin and cook our game. We had to grow and reap our fruits vegatables, beans, legumes and oats, but we didn't have to deal with all the DANGEROUS ingredients and consequenses that we all have faced for the last few decades. Furthermore it is important to grasp the reality behind supplements. Yes, we did not have them "back then" however, "back then" our soils were full of minerals and nutrients. Our waters were not laden with human defication, over population affects of toxic gases and massive trash piles. Our foods were not manufactured for mass consumption, which allowed farmers "back then" to grow at a natural, slower pace. Now we have to filter our water, but it still is not enough. We have to choose between organic or non- organic, despite the dangers. We have to take medication to ease our pains from illness, mental challenges, physical retardations, obesity, and chemical dependancy. How did we get here? And why do we have to stay here. The answers, in my opinion is this; We got here because of compounding ignorance. We trusted that food was nutritional, so over the years, we trusted in our systems to deliver health to our tables. Unfortunately, capitalization got in the way. Now we have to screen our grocery lists. We have to re- teach our parents and grandparents. We have to break to them, the bad news that so many things in our cabinets are taking away from our bodies health, with out us even being aware. We have to inform them that the FDA isn't THE ULTIMATE wiseone when dicphering healthy, nutritional foods. WE ARE. Beyond re- teaching the ones who taught us, we are given a wonderful oppurtunity; to teach our kids nutritional wisdom. This is when we get to shine. This is how we get to pass our legacy's down through the next generations to come. Not from our amazing ability to market globally and increase profits in the family business 57% anually yeilding better stock profits and better bonuses at the end of the year. Instead, we should strive to pass down the legacy of WELLNESS. We should hope to create a legacy with in our bodies through strong, functional health, while strenthening and challenging our minds towards logical approaches to our diets. These are things our kids should be focusing on.....In home and in school. LOGICAL NUTRITION!

Our lands and seas nourished our ancestors. And with our help, our lands and seas will continue to, as long as we nourish her soils and respect her waters, otherwise food will die and we will die too. Very simple. This possible outcome is now evident through the unfortunate situation in the Gulf of Mexico. Our actions yeild consequenses, in every dimenson of space and time. It is inescapeable. For every action there is a reaction. For every cause there is an effect. Things do NOT just happen. They are created. Bad situations or good situations all have a beginning and an end. This may take hundreds of years, it may take thousands of years, or it may never ever happen, unfortunately our generation will not ever find the answers to these questions. We must realize that if we do not start simplifing and cleaning- up our diets, this world will continue to produce and market unnutritonal, dangerous foods. Obesity will continue. Capitalization off these foods will continue. Bad habits with in our lifestyles will continue. And the need for synthetic, addictive drugs will continue as long as we keep our bodies out of balance. We must strive in passing on conscious, progressive awareness to the importance of our internal health. This is not just for a certain "group" of people. This is a movement that every human being, from every demographic must participate in. It is our responsibility, as humans to care for ourselves, each other and of course our animals, plants and elements. This way we can continue to pass down wisdom and abundance to our kids, our kids' kids...and our kids' grandkids...Start your legacy today!

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