Monday, November 16, 2009

First things first

When I talk to people about nutrition and wellbeing, I notice that many people still need to learn the basics about their bodies. Some may be 18 years old, others are in their 50's. Though it is very normal for me to find that everyone still needs to get back to square one. I find it impossible for me to hold back my opinion in reference to their personal habits. And me being a 28 year old bartender poses an issue because people already do not want to hear what I have to say when it comes to real life outside of my bar. I am constantly finding a repetative cycle in many people. It is unfortunate that many do not understand the purpose of nutrition. Alongside of that, many do not realize that a lot of the things we eat are nutrient deficient, yet they feel that they are getting all of their bodies needs everyday, and wonder why they are always tired and sick. When a mild or severe health issue arises, it is safe to consider the basics; nutrition. Since our bodies are useless with out it, we should naturally consider the first step as such. So why do we constantly seek beyond the first step and seek the fourth or the fifth. If your tired and weak and experiencing dizzy spells everyday, and you blantantly say that you don't take a multi, why do you consider taking synthetics first? Now traditional medicine is amazing, I am no doctor, yet I know my body and I know the basics, and unless you know your basics, you will always be dependant on someone else to fix you. We are capable of deducing simple "fixes" to many of our own common ailments. If your sick, drink good low-sugar -organic juices, lots of supplemented vitamin C, lots of water and sleep and load up on your super foods. Guarantee, 9 out of 10 times, if you follow that religiously, the next morning your body will thank you. You can chose the other path, and go to the store and buy nyquil and dayquil and cough drops and Tropicana orange juice, and feel like crap for the next 7 days because of all of the sugar and chemicals that you just put into your already taxed, acidic body. Common sense should lead us all into certain rituals that our bodies really need, but unfortunately many people haven't the first clue where to begin, so they chose the easiest. And that is sometimes the worst. If something changes in your life, you should be able to identify what it is. Are you stressed, are you overworked, are you finacially unable to afford good foods? If this is the case, this should not be a reason to become mal nourished. When I say mal nourised, there are many levels of it. You don't have to be in a third- world country to experience mal nutrition. If you are a female, over the age of 21,you have normal periods, you are vegatarian and you do not take supplements, you are mal nourished. You may be amazing in your yoga practice, and drink lot's of soy milk and water, yet your body continually seeks iron and calcium reserves to carry out daily tasks. By reserves I mean "reserves", meaning; in- emergencies- break glass "reserves". If you continue to live this way, you may not begin to feel reprocusions until your 30's. They may be mild; always tired, low mood swings, bad sleep patterns. Or they may be more severe, dizzy spells, no energy, even after eating, seizures, and eventually impending osteoperosis and anemia. Then with age, you adopt the comon phrase "I'm just getting older". And then you accept that you are always tired, and your doctors never help, and the medication has too many side affects and you give up. I don't want this to be the case anymore. When I talk to people, many already have their minds made up. Nothing I say will change their minds. They have "tried everything". And this bothers me, especially when they are my friends and family. When I know that if you would just try one thing for one month you would be amazed at the changes in not only your physical body, but also your mental state. And naturally your mind will allow more knowledge to flow in and you will begin to adopt new habits and new paradigms. Yes this is a slow process, and yes this is something that you have never done before, but I can honestly say that NOBODY has tried EVERYTHING.